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 1° e ultimo Tanith (personaggi speciali)

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MessaggioTitolo: 1° e ultimo Tanith (personaggi speciali)   Sab Feb 02, 2008 1:31 am


Qui in seguito è presentata una sezione particolare (in inglese) che riguarda i personaggi speciali del famigerato esercito del colonnello Ibram Gaunt, il 1° e ultimo tanith, descritto nelle ultime pagine del codex della Guardia Imperiale. Questo è un supplemento che comporta ovviamente l’analisi delle regole speciali contenute nel codex riguardante Gaunt (escluso in questo supplemento) e i Tanith


Bragg nodded without question. His great physical strength was an asset to the Ghosts, and was
matched by his geniality and willingness to help. He reminded Gaunt of some great blunt weapon,
like a club: deadly when delivered properly, but difficult to wield or aim.
Bragg batted a moth away from his face. ‘Precious little place we’ve found here,’ he
‘Monthax is… short on charm,’ Gaunt admitted, studying the hulking trooper quizzically.
Bragg was a strange man. Gaunt had decided that long ago. He’d never met a human so
physically powerful, yet mentally restrained, as if he was somehow afraid of the terrible power he
could unleash. Others took it for stupidity and regarded big old Bragg as dumb. But the man
patently wasn’t stupid. In his own, quiet, mountainous way, he was the most formidable and
dangerous Ghost of all. So preoccupied by his physical power, others always underestimated the
mind behind it.
And the mind, Gaunt knew, was the strongest thing of all.
‘Try Again’ Bragg got his nickname because of his terrible aim. However, such is Bragg’s herculean size and strength that he is capable of carrying heavy weapons as easily as his comrades carry their lasguns.

Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Bragg 23 4 2 4 3 1 3 1 8 5+
Wargear: Heavy bolter, camo-cloak, frag grenades.

Brawn: Bragg is almost legendarily strong. He may move and fire with his heavy bolter, although this does nothing for his already shoddy accuracy...


Up by the top hatch with the vehicle’s commander, Major Rawne watched the game without
amusement. The Basilisk commander felt uneasy about his passenger. Rawne was slender, dark
and somehow dangerous. A starburst tattoo covered one eye. He was not… likeable or open like
the other Ghosts seemed to be.
‘So, major… what’s your commissar like?’ the commander began, by way of easing the
‘Gaunt?’ Rawne asked, turning slowly to face the Serpent. ‘He’s a despicable bastard who left my world to die and one day I will slay him with my own hands.’
‘Oh,’ said the commander and found something rather more important to do down below. Major Rawne, although a capable leader, is a shifty, unscrupulous son of a grox who would dearly love to see Gaunt dead for ordering the withdrawal from Rawne’s homeworld. Whereas most of the Ghosts have come to terms with their terrible loss, Rawne nurtures a burning hatred for Gaunt and has sworn that one day he will kill Gaunt himself for what he has done.

Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Rawne 54 4 4 3 3 3 4 3 9 5+
Wargear: Lasgun, camo-cloak, frag grenades, tube charges (as demolition charges).

Grudge: At the start of every Imperial Guard Assault phase, if the squad ever comprises of only Gaunt and Major Rawne and they are not already in close combat, Rawne must pass a Leadership test or will attack Gaunt as if he were an enemy model until one of them is removed as a casualty. The survivor may act normally from that point onward.


Mkoll could see where the maddened Chaos beast-machine had strode arrogantly on for a few heavy steps after the puny laser blast. Then it had toppled, poisoned, dead. They headed back onto the trail.
‘You’re a fething hero!’ Waed said finally.
‘How is that?’
‘A fething dreadnought, Mkoll! You killed a dreadnought!’
Mkoll turned and faced Waed with a look that brooked no denial.
‘We’ll tell the commissar that the area is cleared. Understood? I don’t want any stupid glory.
Is that clear?’
Waed nodded and followed his sergeant. ‘But you killed it…’ he ventured softly.
Among a regiment whose forte is stealth, Mkoll stands head and shoulders above his comrades.
He is of great value to the Ghosts, but Mkoll’s extreme modesty prevents him from ever acknowledging this fact.

Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Mkoll 36 3 4 3 3 1 4 1 8 5+
Wargear: Lasgun, camo-cloak, frag grenades.

Peerless scout: Mkoll may be detached from Gaunt’s retinue to lead a squad of Tanith troops (Tanith Hardened Veterans or Tanith Infantry). Mkoll and any unit he leads may re-roll any failed cover saves; the second result must be applied. They may deploy in Ambush (as detailed on page 20 of Codex Catachans), or as normal Infiltrators if the controlling player wishes and if the Infiltrators special rule is being used. If Mkoll is spotted by or attacks a Sentry model, the alarm is only raised on the D6 roll of a 6. Mkoll doubles his Initiative when in combat with Sentries.
Acute Perception: Mkoll is adept at picking out anomalies in the landscape and can scan an area for Ambushes, Booby Traps and Lictors as if he was equipped with an Auspex (see pages 20/21 of Codex: Catachans).
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1° e ultimo Tanith (personaggi speciali)
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